Making gardening affordable again.

We sell products to improve your home outside and inside
– plants, pots and garden care.

Van Niekerk Nursery stocks a wide range of gardening as well as hardware equipment and a wide variety of different plants for every season.

Whether you need a spade, hose pipe or swimming pool cleaning kit, we have it all. Should we not have something in stock, we will go out of our way to meet your expectations. Our friendly and helpful sales assistants are always on hand with excellent advice on all questions regarding gardens.

Gifts and Décor Shop

For the discerning customer who wants to add a little something unique to your home, our gifts and décor section is the perfect place to shop.

Bonsai House

Bonsai is a Japanese art form using cultivation techniques to produce small trees in containers that mimic the shape and scale of full size trees.

Come visit our Bonsai House and see these magnificent trees up close.

Come visit us at
Van Niekerk Nursery Sterkloop

Welcome & Assess

Upon your arrival our friendly staff will greet you and listen carefully to your specific needs.

Advise & Guide

Next we will advise you on the best solutions and available options.

Purchase & Load

Once you’ve made your purchase, we will help you load your products into your vehicle – no matter the size.

Let’s turn your garden into a paradise!